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Welcome to Changereport, one of the US number 1 SEO companies, based in New Jersey. We strive to ensure each client has the best possible chance of appearing on page 1 for their chosen keywords and/or phrases using the latest white hat SEO techniques. We work with SME’s and blue chip clients catering for various industries. Whether you are looking to target a few keywords or thousands of keywords, we will work with you to help you target the best keywords for your industry to help improve the amount of traffic to your website. If a particular keyword isn’t generating enough traffic, we will re-analyse the current strategy and identify areas which haven’t yet been targeted.

Changereport equip your website with the right tools to compete online and appear within the organic search results on page one. Changereport are rated 10 out of 10, based on 11 client reviews and have over 200 happy clients on page 1 of Google for their chosen keywords/phrases. The organic results are the most beneficial place due to search percentages using organic search and you do not pay for all the traffic you get through your website. We successfully maintain page one positioning for our clients and provide tips on web development to support the process in gaining a solid page one position.

Expert SEO and PPC Services

We provide a complete search engine marketing service. Specialising in search engine optimization (organic search) and pay per click management (paid adverts). We get the ROI for your spend with us, and we compliment the PPC & SEO route with other avenues, like social media marketing and Youtube video optimisation.

SEO is not the only way that you can achieve page one rankings, there is another option. Page one rankings can be obtained through intelligent PPC integration. Using the paid search services is sometimes frowned upon by SEO experts as it is often accused of being a ‘bidding war’. However this is simply not the case if the PPC marketing is carried out by a true certified professional. An expert with PPC can optimise the landing page and cost per click of a campaign to actually turn over a profit within the rankings. They can get the page to the top of Google pretty much instantly if they’re good at it. Unlike search engine optimization, PPC can have guaranteed positions for certain keywords and so can sometimes be favoured over optimisation. It’s worth noting though that PPC is more of a short term solution to gain a boost of traffic rather than a long term ranking solution. This is because over a long period of time, retaining the positions can become quite costly, difficult and the keywords used can become more competitive. PPC is most effective when it is carried out alongside the optimisation as it helps to boost it if successful.

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